Some Sad News

We knew this day would come eventually.*

What Have You are sad to report that, well, there’s no point in us even trying to pull a “we’re closing down all of a sudden” April Fool on you guys. I mean, how many of you read the title and didn’t immediately think this was going to be an April Fool? In fact, APRIL FOOL! This isn’t an April Fool after all! HAH!

…Except now it is.

My brain hurts. Moving on…

I recently wrote a script in which a character (who, for the sake of argument, we’ll call Patsy) checks one or more websites to confirm it really is April 1st 2012. Being entirely too fond of self-referential humour, it didn’t even occur to me not to include our own website among them, especially since the dates on our posts are so lovely and clear. Hence the need for any old post with an April 1st date stamp. Our latest podcast was always going to be going up around now anyway, but I never pass up an opportunity to blether on about absolutely nothing at all, so you’re all being treated to this fabulously pointless bonus post. Doubly pointless if we don’t get to film the sketch for a while; it’ll probably have to wait until next time we can borrow some office space, and if time drags on and we don’t get the chance to film it I’ll cut my losses, deny all knowledge of this post and shoot the sketch in April 2013 instead.

So that just about wraps up everything I had to say. I hope you’re all well. Say hi to Patsy for me!


* Most years have a 1st April. We had our money on 2012 not being an exception.

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