Technical Difficulties 3

THIS. THIS is what happens when you tell Alex to improvise.

We shot this back in April 2011 at the same time as the first TechDiff. It was almost entirely improvised, the script simply consisting of some vague directions and the all-important set-up line, so you have Alex to thank for the awkward bromance.

Back when we filmed it, Alex was the only one doing any editing. At that stage he was putting off any projects that required special effects like the motion tracking in this video, on the fairly reasonable assumption that they’d be more complicated and require a lot of time to learn new skills. In recent months, however, Michael’s been getting to grips with the editing process as well, and has made good use of his free time to experiment with Adobe After Effects. When, at 4am today, he hit an insurmountable technical difficulty with our next full-length sketch, he realised that TechDiff 3’s time had finally come.

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