The Final Cut

Having demonstrated last week what happens when we let Alex improvise, this week’s video nicely illustrates why it’s never a good idea to let me write anything more complex than a fart joke. This video was insanely complicated and time-consuming to write and to direct and to perform and to edit.

On the other hand, Look! I wrote some visual humour!

The Final Cut is an idea I first had – wow, it must be about a year ago now – when I began to seriously consider learning to edit. I wrote many different segments involving all sorts of editing techniques over a period of months, then drastically whittled them down to provide the strongest progression I could in terms of visual excitement and emotional intensity. Because of this unorthodox process I didn’t actually realise until we came to film it just how many times I insult Alex’s face in the course of the sketch.

Oh, I’m not apologising. Just making an observation.


(Sleep now. zzzZZZZzzZzZZZZZzzZzzzZZZZZzzzz…)

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