Things I Inventored

This week’s bonus video is an animation project by Vikkie and her good friend and fellow comedian Sam Baggott, created as part of their final year university coursework. It almost cost them their sanity. Seriously. Look at the number of moving parts. It’s ridiculous.

For a long time it was thought that all copies of the video had been hunted down, stabbed, set on fire and then stabbed again (albeit from further away) by the creators after the project was handed in and marked. However, archaeologists recently unearthed a backup buried deep within the bowels of a memory stick belonging to Sarah Goodwin, who made the cakes for these videos. And so at last this classic of modern animation can be seen once again, in all its glory.


We’ll be recording podcast number 5 this Saturday, 11th August. If you have any questions about specific videos, our setup and process in general or just our daily lives, please reply to this post in the comments, use Facebook or email us at by Friday.

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