Behind the Glass, Part 1

Mike takes an informal behind-the-scenes look at the location scouting and effects for the sketch Glass Houses.

Here’s the promised making-of video, a few hours later than planned. It also turned out to be easier to split it up into two parts, even before it became obvious the video was going to be late, so you’ll have to wait until the next bonus video for outtakes from the sketch itself. This one deals with the testing and planning stages. The style ended up halfway between an informal video diary and a narrated documentary and we’ll continue to experiment with the format in future videos. Let us know if you want to see more or less of anything. (Obviously less of Mike and more of other people would be a good thing, but that’ll be fixed by Part 2!)

Any questions not covered by the video CAN be answered in our next podcast, which will be recorded soon. Questions about our sketches or life in general are always welcome. Facebook is probably the best way to ask, but however you contact us we’ll keep track of your questions and get round to them all eventually.

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