A Saur Point

The important thing to take away from this video is that it is most certainly NOT based on anything that any member of the What Have You crew may have done in real life.

(More on that story in… not the next podcast that goes up, but the next podcast that we record. We have one already in the pipeline.)

This sketch is another one that’s been hanging around in a half-finished state since, like, for EVER. Mike and Jack filmed the original version back in April, but without pre-recorded takes of Jack’s lines Mike didn’t leave enough room for them when he delivered his own. Many cunning editing tricks were attempted to salvage the footage, but to no avail: only Jack’s takes were usable. In the end this worked out for the best; with more editing experience under his belt, and time to rehearse his lines, Mike did a much better job this time round. Seriously. The original is Dear God, WHY material in comparison.

Huge thanks – and apologies – to Jack’s girlfriend Izzi for putting up with us during the original shoot, despite the fact that she had a headache at the time. We felt kinda awkward when much of that original footage turned out to be unusable. Also we were making loud roaring noises.

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