Bath Time

A guided tour of Bath, with special guest star Dale Friesen!

(For those of you playing the WHY drinking game, cheers!)

Dale (or, as I like to call him, ‘D-Man’ -Alex) very kindly offered his services as a guest voice-over artist when Vikkie met him back in November. We were all super excited to have such a great voice talent involved with WHY, but we didn’t have anything suitable in production at the time, so we had to twiddle our thumbs impatiently until the opportunity came along.

That opportunity came in January, after Alex and Mike spent a fun afternoon walking around Bath (or, as I like to call it, ‘B-Money’ -Alex) finding pretty/ridiculous landmarks to film Mike standing in front of. We were intending to use Alex for the voiceover right up until a few days before the video was due to go up, when Mike thought of Dale’s offer and started running around in circles like an excited puppy at the prospect of getting him on board. Dale was happy to help, so naturally there followed a massive panic over what to upload instead.

Thanks, Dale! We really appreciate all the thought and effort you put in.

2 thoughts on “Bath Time

  1. D-Man says:

    I was delighted to be involved! Thanks for having me!

    Where might one find this drinking game?

  2. What Have You says:

    The rules haven’t been formalised yet. It originates from the podcast, and we’re assuming yet more running jokes will accumulate over time. I think Mike threw out a bunch of suggestions in a previous podcast, but the original one is whenever we mention LoadingReadyRun. Because they’re a big influence AND we met on their forums it’s surprisingly hard to say anything meaningful about what we do or why without name-checking them.

    I think the second-best candidate was Alex replying “Really? I don’t remember that” to pretty much anything.

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