Outtakes 10: Rhyming Again

Not to be confused with takeouts. Or stakeouts. Or steak houses. Or fish and chip shops. Or actual fish.

More outtakes! A little on the long side, but I’ve finally sorted through all the raw footage for the videos I edited and there are at least two hours of great outtakes available, so I reckon seven minutes is a reasonable compromise. This week we have footage from Jamie’s half of Quit Raging, The Final Cut, Food for Thought and A Saur Point. I don’t want to keep dwelling on really old videos like Quit Raging, but last time I put together some outtakes I ran out of time to hunt down the best bits. Plus Glass Houses will have its own separate making-of/outtakes video, so that’s off the table for now.

Probably the most exciting thing about this video for me is the creation of (potentially) a new ongoing series! (You’ll know it when you see it.) Not bad for an outtakes video.

Hope all’s well with you! If not, punch a fool.*


* This advice is not offically endorsed by What Have You Media.

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