Technical Difficulties 5

Rainy days are an great opportunity to catch up on the important things in life. Or you could just write irate letters.

This sketch (by Alex) was shot way back in November in preparation for the next Pick N Mix, hence the three separate sections, but it’ll be a while before we’ve filmed enough Pick N Mix skits and we reckon this one’s strong enough to be a TechDiff.

It’s not actually a technical problem that’s delaying the next video – another Dear God WHY – just some non-video-related shenanigans. (Nothing nasty, nothing exciting, just life being busy.) It should be worth the wait, though, for fans of the Devour video. I’ve tried to take all the positive feedback from last time on board, and Jack in particular had a lot of interesting stuff to say about this film. I won’t spoil which film it is, but I’ll give you a clue: it was filmed in Detroit.*


* Not a very good clue.

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