Vikkie Come Home

It’s not easy being greenscreened.

So, this video was delayed, and then it was delayed, and then it was delayed, and then it was delayed. But now it’s out! So that’s kinda cool. Vikkie Come Home was supposed to be last autumn’s “Hey folks, Vikkie’s left town and won’t be around as much for a while” video. It was fun to deliver the announcement through a direct sequel to our first video and in theory separating out the shots needed for Vikkie and for Rest of World would make it easier to film, but it just proved impossible to get all the different bits done until recently. And then it took forever to join them all up without too many cracks.

Adobe Creative Suite is a weird thing. It seems you can either do a really efficient job of greenscreening but end up with pixellated edges (as seen at the end of the sketch in the intentionally not-so-convincing shot) or you can have smoother edges at the cost of turning anything too pale slightly transparent as well, regardless of colour (as seen in the earlier shots). What’s the deal with that, eh?

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