Without a Sound

So you may have noticed we’ve been having some microphone problems recently…

HELLO! Hello, hello, hello. We are back after a short, mostly unplanned hiatus. For those of you who missed our explanatory Facebook posts, Alex’s laptop can no longer edit videos and my internet connection started playing up just as we were approaching our 23rd July deadline. Since Alex is away in Edinburgh for the entire Festival and I’m up there all of next week, we decided to take a break and get back up to speed with the next couple of videos.

…And then I finished the latest video two days late for entirely stupid reasons. Sorry about that. Not to worry, though; if I’m having difficulty getting the next video done in time I shall just hit myself repeatedly in the face with a table tennis bat and upload that instead.

More importantly, this video marks the writing debut of some bloke who once stood up a ladder. Leon’s a friend from my university days who’s similarly interested in writing and producing comedy but is much, much better at it than I am. Seriously. He wrote this sketch after work across just two evenings, and not only produced a coherent script* requiring exactly the three actors who were available for filming, but also managed to perfectly nail the style of classic WHY sketches like The League of TWFAP, Oh, I See! or The Final Cut. As soon as I read it, all I could think was how much it sounded like us.

So, yeah. Good job, Leon. I think you’re hired.


*Weird, I grant you, but still coherent. It escalates nicely from start to finish.

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