Be My Guest

An Englishman’s cupcake is his castle. Or something. Don’t look at me like that, it’s late and I’m tired.

Hello folks it’s me folks!

The shoot for Be My Guest was almost exactly the opposite of the previous one: while Without a Sound took a couple of hours – since the sound wasn’t important and we didn’t have to do many retakes – and ended up including almost all the footage we shot, this two-minute video took a good seven hours to film. I never realised it would be such a short sketch until we started filming, when I had to stop and think about just how much of each shot was going to make it into the finished product. In the end I had to make it even shorter by cutting one joke and a longer and funnier, but less technically sound, rant from Vikkie.

It was absolutely worth all the effort, though. I had SO MUCH FUNNNNNNNNN with this!



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