What Have You is a sketch comedy group operating out of Bath in southwest England. We update every other Tuesday to avoid clashing with Monday updates by, erm, everybody else on the Internet. Videos alternate between full sketches and a variety of bonus videos: bloopers, behind-the-scenes material, side projects and anything else that takes our fancy.

What Have You can be found on YouTube (WhatHaveYouComedy), Twitter (@WHY_Comedy) and Facebook (facebook.com/whathaveyou).

Alex Hoyle (Writer, Director, Editor, Actor), the most handsome of the crew, can also be said to be the hardest worker, often taking on multiple duties (such as writing website biographies) when the other members of the group are too lazy or feckless to complete them.

When not working with What Have You, Alex blogs about badly-written erotic fiction. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, about either the adult nature of the content or the quality of the fiction. His Twitter account is here.

Hailing from a hometown in the heartlands of Hertfordshire, Vikkie ‘Bejeesus’ Moule (Actor, Writer, Director) is a half-cat, half-raccoon, all-woman snack-sized pork pie mogul, and the group’s only female member, at least as far as they know.

Vikkie is usually involved in a million and one projects. Currently she has a radio show between 7pm and 8pm on Bath City Sound. Previously she blogged about videogames – specifically, everything that’s not to do with the playing of them – at Final Boss Fight. By the time you read this she’ll probably have launched a doomsday satellite and conquered the world. I dunno, just check her Twitter or, if she has already taken over the world, ask your nearest M1MM-3000 Slaver-Bot.

A former bonsai landscape gardener and noted tall man, Michael Penny (Writer, Actor, Director, Editor, Muahahahaaa) is no stranger to the world of comedy, on account of his knees. Possibly the most organised person ever, Michael can usually be found arranging all the lists of things he’ll get around to doing just as soon as he’s finished the next list.

Currently Michael is conducting an investigation into the identity and purpose of the mysterious “Third Person.” You can follow his progress on Twitter.

Quite frankly, it doesn’t bear thinking about where What Have You would be without that defender of the innocent, protector of the weak, and all-around good guy Jamie Law (Writer, Actor, Web Manager).

Not content to simply be Caucasian and technologically literate, Jamie is also a talented amateur magician, and currently resides in London, as What Have You’s foreign correspondent. His personal website design website (Ooh, meta!) is www.jamielaw.com.

Jack Kenyon (Actor, Cameraman) was first discovered on Mars in 1821 (due to a freak accident involving a time machine, some noodles and a copy of the Necronomicon). Jack has led a varied, exciting and frankly improbable life up to this point, going on many adventures, each more varied, daring, exciting and improbable than the last.

Jack is possibly What Have You’s most versatile performer, having ‘willingly’ taken on roles such as ‘Man’, ‘Tied-Up Man’, ‘Man with Hat’, ‘Man without Speaking Role’ and many more!

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