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What Have You, Version 1.1!

What’s this? The first site upgrade in two years, and it’s not even a new release: just a point update!

Back in 2011, we started this site. Before then, we were just a bunch of kids with a camera and a YouTube account. Then we became a bunch of kids with a camera, a YouTube account and a suffix!

With this site upgrade, we’ve finally got our own domain and a new host. This means we now have a lot more control over the site, and can start to bring you a better experience. So far you won’t notice a lot of difference, but more visible changes will be introduced gradually as and when we’re ready.

From now on, all WHY content can be found at the following address:

We’re keeping copies of our previous posts here for now, but everything’s been moved over to the new site and all new updates will be made there. Because they’re new, and it’s new, and do you see how it all works?


In recent times (or, in one case, back in October) there have been appearances by all manner of Sarahs and Alistairs in our videos, so it seems appropriate to clear up which ones are which. And, perhaps more crucially, which ones aren’t.

The Sarah who appears in Dear God, WHY: Devour is Sarah Goodwin, author and cake maker extraordinaire. Books (with cover artwork by Vikkie) here, here, here and here, cake in our stomachs. Mmmmm, cake…

The Sarah in Dear God, WHY: Creep Van is Alex’s girlfriend Sarah Spradlin, who came all the way from Illinois to watch a film featuring a misty, romanticised flashback to an advert for off-brand Viagra. And then watch it all over again for the video. Pity her.

The Alistair who gave such a wonderfully eeeeeeevill performance at the end of The Other Side is Alistair Aitcheson, game dev and gentleman. Alistair specialises in multiplayer games playable on a single tablet in which you certainly aren’t encouraged to mess with your opponent’s side of the board, nudge nudge, wink wink and will be giving a talk on the subject at GDC Europe this year.

Finally, the Alistair from On Board, Broad Band, Narrow Mind and the very end of Brain Storm is Alistair Wright, one of our regular tabletop RPG/board gaming group. I haven’t actually seen him since his birthday, when I left him on a boat surrounded by alcohol,* but I’m sure he’s fine. Just fine.

For the sake of convenience, Mr Aitcheson is known as Ali, while Mr Wright goes by the soubriquet of Nerd. Sarahs are usually identified by context.


*That is to say, he was sitting in a boat and his seat was surrounded by glasses containing a variety of alcoholic beverages. The boat wasn’t floating in alcohol. Just thought I’d make that clear.

Although that would be cool.

Desert Bus for Hope 6

(Desert Bus 3 in America)

Just like last year, we here at What Have You advise you to check out online fundraiser Desert Bus for Hope. It’s going on around the clock until the sponsorship runs out (currently Thursday, but that total is sure to keep climbing) and is full of comedy, songs, auctions of unique prizes, etc.

The Desert Bus can be boarded at

Take a look, have a laugh and – if you want to support the Child’s Play charity – hand over some cash. Let’s see if we can beat last year’s total of US$383,125.10!

Seriously. Click that link. It’s for the children.

Some Sad News

We knew this day would come eventually.*

What Have You are sad to report that, well, there’s no point in us even trying to pull a “we’re closing down all of a sudden” April Fool on you guys. I mean, how many of you read the title and didn’t immediately think this was going to be an April Fool? In fact, APRIL FOOL! This isn’t an April Fool after all! HAH!

…Except now it is.

My brain hurts. Moving on…

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De5ert Bus for Hope

Right now the good folk over at LoadingReadyRun (and many friends including, from Monday onwards, WHY’s very own Jamie Law) are putting themselves through hell for charity with their annual online fundraiser Desert Bus for Hope, now in its fifth year. This means that if you’re on our website instead of theirs at any point this week, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

To do it RIGHT, head on over to

It’s for the children.

UPDATE: Desert Bus for Hope 5 lasted for 150 hours, raising a staggering US$378,895.01 (or 7,958,689,685.05 Vietnamese dong) for the children!

New Website

Just in time for the one-year anniversary of What Have You, here we are, a brand-spanking, spank-branding, shiny, new website, complete with OUR NAME in giant letters at the top there.

Brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

This website will be a hub for all things W.H.Y., and over time, will be expanded to include behind-the-scenes photos, an official Twitter, and perhaps even the occasional podcast, in addition to the video archive, blog, and crew information pages that we already have.

It’ll be like Wikipedia, only comprised entirely of information and features about us, as it should be.

Lastly, a great, big thank-you to everyone who has followed us up to this point, we wouldn’t be here without you.

– Alex