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You know the one.

This video came out of brainstorming possible movies for the next Dear God Why. I started thinking about what my favourite horror movie actually is (it’s The Thing), and  challenged myself to write the most complicated monologue I could about the film, while still remaining internally consistent.

We shot this at Jack’s house, before playing some of the greatest videogame in the world.

Seriously, if we can figure out a way to get that in a video, we will.


Dear God, WHY: Creep Van

A new super-extra-long Dear God WHY! I’m not sure if we want to make them this long in future, but each DGY is different depending on the film and the reactions and there was a lot that felt worth keeping this time. Let us know what you think!

I wish I’d got my thoughts together a bit more while we were filming – most of what I said was expressed better by someone else. Watching Creep Van again now, I wonder if the story behind all the oddball characters (and there are many more than we had time to mention) is similar to how Nick Frost ended up in Spaced. He had no acting experience, but the character of Mike – invented purely to amuse his friends – was so good that Simon Pegg wrote him into the series. Most of the Creep Van roles seem to be well cast – given a better script and good direction I’m sure the comedic actors could be genuinely, intentionally funny – so I suspect the writers and/or producers made room in the film for the people they knew they could cast.

…Except Creep Van isn’t a sitcom. It’s a horror film, and all these larger-than-life characters just don’t belong there. Comedy horror isn’t the same as putting unrelated slapstick and bad puns in the same film as gory set pieces, and the horror and the jokes and the… “romance” just get in each other’s way. Truly a movie worthy of the DGY treatment.


Outtakes 10: Rhyming Again

Not to be confused with takeouts. Or stakeouts. Or steak houses. Or fish and chip shops. Or actual fish.

More outtakes! A little on the long side, but I’ve finally sorted through all the raw footage for the videos I edited and there are at least two hours of great outtakes available, so I reckon seven minutes is a reasonable compromise. This week we have footage from Jamie’s half of Quit Raging, The Final Cut, Food for Thought and A Saur Point. I don’t want to keep dwelling on really old videos like Quit Raging, but last time I put together some outtakes I ran out of time to hunt down the best bits. Plus Glass Houses will have its own separate making-of/outtakes video, so that’s off the table for now.

Probably the most exciting thing about this video for me is the creation of (potentially) a new ongoing series! (You’ll know it when you see it.) Not bad for an outtakes video.

Hope all’s well with you! If not, punch a fool.*


* This advice is not offically endorsed by What Have You Media.

Alex Hoyle: Live at The Cube Cinema

Last month, Alex did some stand-up at The Comedy Combo, a lovely stand-up night at The Cube Cinema in Bristol. On the night, Dave Taylor (a volunteer at The Cube) was nice enough to record Alex’s set, and let us have a copy.

NB: Dave was also the one who put the bumpers on the start and end of the video. That wasn’t just Alex trying to brag that he’d sold out the night.

Behind the Glass, Part 1

Mike takes an informal behind-the-scenes look at the location scouting and effects for the sketch Glass Houses.

Here’s the promised making-of video, a few hours later than planned. It also turned out to be easier to split it up into two parts, even before it became obvious the video was going to be late, so you’ll have to wait until the next bonus video for outtakes from the sketch itself. This one deals with the testing and planning stages. The style ended up halfway between an informal video diary and a narrated documentary and we’ll continue to experiment with the format in future videos. Let us know if you want to see more or less of anything. (Obviously less of Mike and more of other people would be a good thing, but that’ll be fixed by Part 2!)

Any questions not covered by the video CAN be answered in our next podcast, which will be recorded soon. Questions about our sketches or life in general are always welcome. Facebook is probably the best way to ask, but however you contact us we’ll keep track of your questions and get round to them all eventually.

Outtakes 9: MINE!!!!! ALL MINE!!!!!

This time Mike shares some of the many line flubs, technical hitches and pointless digressions from the videos he edited.

This was originally supposed to cover just the earlier videos from Mike’s collection – up to and including The Final Cut – but there wouldn’t have been enough Vikkie, so you get to see a few outtakes from Message 2 as well. In the end there’s footage from all of the following shoots:

Dear Zardoz, WHY
Quit Raging
TechDiff 3
The Final Cut
Food for Thought
A Message 2 Our Audience

There’s not a lot else to say, really. It’s a bunch more outtakes. Enjoy!

Dear God, WHY: Devour

Happy Halloween, one and all! This year we thought it was past time we got round to watching a horror film for Dear God, WHY. And what a delightful choice of movie it wasn’t. Thanks, Vikkie!

Let us know if you have any suggestions for future DGY movies. We’re looking for films that are bad in a unique and interesting way. Or films that feature actors from Supernatural. Either will do.