Podcast Archive

[ Episode One ]
In which Mike, Vikkie, and Alex chat about the inception of WHY, editing for donkeys, and that sketch WE MUST NEVER TALK ABOUT.

[ Episode Two ]
In which we talk about recent videos, wasting money on special effects, and the mixed messages sent by facial hair.

[ Episode Three ]
In which the crew – minus Vikkie – discuss recent videos, “cow juice”, and videogames.

[ Episode Four ]
In which everyone except Jack is present to talk about recent videos, weird crisp flavours, and what various people called Mark would look like if you ironed their faces.

[ Episode Five ]
In which Mike discusses recent videos, editing recent videos, and editing recent videos about editing. The rest of the crew occasionally get a word in too.

[ Episode Six ]
In which Mike, Alex, and Jamie talk about recent videos, black metal ABBA, and Latin plurals.

[ Episode Seven ]
In which Mike, Alex, Jamie, and Vikkie discuss recent videos, the superpower of blancmange, and Basil Fawlty’s zombie apocalypse.

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